The Third IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications

Athens, Greece

June 29 July 2, 1998

Sponsored by

IEEE Communications Society and IEEE Computer Society *









General Chair

P. A. Probst, Swiss Telecom, Switzerland


Vice Chair

H. Mouftah, Queens Univ, Canada


Steering Committee

H. Abdel-Wahab, Old Dominion Univ, USA

T. N. Saadawi, City Univ of N.Y., USA

M. H. Sherif, AT&T Labs, France

G. Stassinopoulos, Nat Tech Univ of Athens, Greece

A. Tantawy, IBM T.J. Watson Research Ctr., USA


Technical Program Committee

H. Mouftah, Queens Univ, Canada, (Co-Chair)

J. E. Wieselthier, Naval Res Lab, USA, (Co-Chair)

H. Afifi, ENST-Bertagne, France

J. Ash, AT&T Labs, USA

D. Baker, Naval Research Lab, USA

J. Baras, Univ of Maryland, USA

E. Chong, Purdue University, USA

I. Cidon, Technion, Israel

P. Constantinou, Nat Tech Univ of Athens, Greece

M. Daneshmand, AT&T Labs, USA

M. Elhadidi, Cairo Univ, Egypt

S. Elkhamy, Alexandria Univ, Egypt

A. Elrefaie, HP Labs, USA

M. Elsayed, AT&T Labs, USA

A. Ephremides, Univ of Maryland, USA

J. Garcia-Luna, Univ of CA, Santa Cruz, USA

E. Geraniotis, University of Maryland, USA

J. Gluck, US Patent & Trademark Office, USA

B. Hajek, University of Illinois, USA

J. Hayes, Concordia University, Canada

C. Kroell, European Space Agency, Germany

R. Madan, Office of Naval Research, USA

M. Malek, Lucent Technologies, USA

K. Maly, Old Dominion Univ, USA

I. Moskowitz, Naval Research Lab, USA

M. Nassar, AT&T Labs, USA

C. Perkins, Sun Microsystems, USA

A. Pitsillides, Univ of Cyprus, Cyprus

M. Pursley, Clemson University, USA

A. Saleh, AT&T Research, USA

C. Savolaine, AT&T Labs, USA

M. Sidi, Technion, Israel

E. Sykas, Nat Tech Univ of Athens, Greece

A. Tantawi, IBM T.J. Watson Research Ctr., USA

L. Tassiulas, University of Maryland, USA

M. Theologou, Nat Tech Univ of Athens, Greece

S. Tohme, ENST-Paris, France

N. Zervos, Lucent Technologies, USA


Registration & Finance Co-Chairs

A. S. Elmaghraby, Univ of Louisville, USA

R. Ammar, Univ of Connecticut, USA

M. H. Fallah, Lucent Technologies, USA


Local Committee

G. Stassinopoulos, Nat Tech Univ of Athens, Greece


P. Constantinou, Nat Tech Univ of Athens, Greece

V. Daskalou, AUEB, Greece


Tutorials Committee

H. Akhtar, AT&T Labs, USA (Chair)

W. Makky, FAA, USA

E. Sykas, Nat Tech Univ of Athens, Greece


Publicity Committee

A. Heddaya, Boston University, USA (Chair)

S. El Hennaoui, ENST, France

N. Pavlidou, AUTH, Greece

K. Shenawy, AAST, Egypt

The fast growing convergence between communications and computer technologies is having an increasingly profound impact on information and networking systems. This third annual event will provide a technical forum for experts from industry and academia to exchange ideas and present results of ongoing research in the areas listed below.

The technical program consists of 140 research papers in 4 parallel sessions, a panel session, 8 tutorials, and several invited talks.


Overview of Technical Program



Tuesday Morning

Traffic Management in ATM Networks; Routing I Communication Theory I; Wireless Networks

Tuesday Mid-Day

Resource Management in ATM Networks; Multicasting

Communication Theory II; Network Management I

Tuesday Afternoon

ATM Net Monitoring and Perf Testing; Algorithms for Net Design I

Distributed and Parallel Processing I; Wireless DECT Networks

Wednesday Morning

Congestion Control in ATM Networks; Software Techniques

Multimedia Applications; Network Mobility

Wednesday Mid-Day

ATM Interworking; Integrated Switch Architectures I

Electronic Commerce; Wireless CDMA Networks

Wednesday Afternoon

Optical Networks; Integrated Switch Architectures II

Routing II; Wireless ATM Networks

Wednesday Late Afternoon Panel Session

Military versus Commercial Communications

Thursday Morning

Scheduling and Flow Control in ATM Networks; Internet Networking

Methods and Tools for Networks; Broadband Transport Systems

Thursday Mid-Day

Buffer Management in ATM Networks; Digital Signal Processing

Distributed and Parallel Processing II; Wireless Routing

Thursday Afternoon

Fault Tolerance and Network Reliability; Network Management II

Algorithms for Network Design II; Cellular Wireless Networks

The conference will be held at Hotel Armonia, in beautiful Vouliagmeni, which is 16 km from downtown Athens (and 8 km south of Athens Airport).

Further information is available at our website:

or from the Technical Program Co-Chairs:

Prof. Hussein Mouftah Tech Program Co-Chair, ISCC'98

Tel: +1 (613) 545-2934

Fax: +1 (613) 545-6615

Dr. Jeffrey E. Wieselthier

Tech Program Co-Chair, ISCC'98

Tel: +1 (202) 767-3043

Fax: +1 (202) 767-1191

* Technical Committee on Simulation


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